SYNC Multifamily

Nimble and opportunistic. Two words that frequently describe us.

As Capital Growth Buchalter (“CGB”) has grown across the country, its infrastructure has expanded also. Our in-house team includes experts in design, construction, finance, legal, project management, and more. As a result, we can quickly evaluate, deliver insight, and add value to real estate projects of all types and sizes. Our team’s diverse skills, specialized knowledge, and past experiences serve as a solid foundation for your projects and help make CGB an ideal investor and project partner.

We are actively seeking investments in projects that match our proprietary investment criteria, and we frequently invest in a wide variety of real estate projects. Our knowledge of capital markets, plus local market expertise, are a powerful combination that yield results.

Although most of our investments have been in real estate, we also place capital in companies in industries such as biotechnology, cybersecurity, consumer products, oil & gas, and more. Regardless of the investment type or sector, we’re always focused on adding value.

Investment Projects

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