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CGB's Culture of Generosity

CGB’s Culture of Generosity

Police officers and fire personnel. Local government staff. Medical teams at area hospitals. Natural disasters and the Covid-19 crisis have heightened our awareness to the numerous individuals who selflessly complete essential work to keep us all safe. In recent months, the team at Capital Growth Buchalter (CGB) has fed thousands of first responders and frontline workers in Birmingham, Atlanta, Nashville, Tuscaloosa, and Northport, all the cities where the company has offices currently as well as the ones where the firm was founded or has completed substantial projects.

“As a commercial real estate investor and developer, we work with business owners to address their real estate needs and with local leaders to enrich communities,” said Robert Buchalter, Managing Principal. “Supporting them in times of crisis comes naturally to us.”

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Capital Growth Buchalter’s corporate and family generosity extends back for decades. Founded in 1964 by Aubrey Buchalter, the firm has deep roots in the southeast and a rich history. Aubrey started building houses in the early 1960s to supplement his income as a proprietor of a Tuscaloosa clothing store called Twin’s Men’s Shop with his brother Maurice. After several early successes, Aubrey left Twin’s Men’s Shop and entered the construction business full time. Since then, the company has grown tremendously, expanded its focus, and is now in its third generation with offices in three cities: Birmingham, Nashville, and Atlanta.

Today, three of Aubrey’s children are involved in the business along with grandson Eric. Sons Robert and Bill co-lead the firm as its managing principals, while daughter Kathie Buchalter Carnes serves as the qualifying broker for affiliate Capital Growth Real Estate and coordinates the company’s community outreach.

Carnes recently worked with community leaders, entrepreneurs as well as several CGB clients in the restaurant industry to feed nurses, physicians, police officers, city hall workers, firemen and more. The effort was a bit of a double blessing to not only provide a meal to first responders and frontline workers, but to support some CGB restaurant clients during the pandemic.

As she coordinated meals over the last month or so, Carnes reflected on her parents’ long-time support of first responders including sewing uniforms for state troopers when they co-owned the clothing shop in Tuscaloosa and delivering biscuits to police officers when she was a teen. “Our parents instilled a sense of compassion in us growing up and that has led to a culture of generosity at Capital Growth Buchalter,” said Kathie Buchalter Carnes. “Any time is a good time for a good meal. But a good meal is especially appreciated when you’re under extraordinary pressure and working extended hours.”

In addition to recent initiatives to feed the frontline, the company encourages its employees to give and serve through local service and nonprofit organizations. Whether it’s sponsoring or participating in charitable sporting events or donating time and talent to a passion project, employees are involved in a wide variety of causes. The company supports diverse organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Dollar General Literacy Foundation to Habitat for Humanity and UAB eMedicine.

“Supporting our community has been important from the onset of the company and its roots as a family business in Tuscaloosa,” added Robert Buchalter. “Successful businesses–from small family-owned ones like ours at its onset to large national retailers or healthcare organizations that we now partner with regularly–are the backbone of our communities and country. We know that businesses and communities are comprised of caring individuals and we’re happy to be part of that continuum.”

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